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Top 10 Nightclubs In The UK

If you are looking for a little bit of fun or a night out at a club, there are a number of nightclubs in the UK. Whether you want a hardcore night out or looking for something more laid back, you are sure to find one that suits your mood. You can choose from a range of nightclubs, ranging from superclubs to more intimate ones, from the top 10 nightclubs in the UK listed below:

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Sub Club Glasgow
Sub Club Glasgow

#1: Sub Club in Glasgow

Sub Club in Glasgow is more than 25 years old and has been in existence throughout the lifetime of house music in the UK. The basement space (3,500 square feet) is still fresh and reflects vitality. It can accommodate up to 410 people. The low ceiling mixed-up dance floor sports a top-notch sound system and the crowd that gathers here is not only passionate, but also musically savvy. The club remains open from 11 pm to 3 am.

Fabric Night Club London

#2: Fabric in London

Fabric is considered as a clubbing institution as it has been there for some time. It boasts of having the world’s best sound system. Fabric has also contributed a great deal to the nightclub culture in the UK. Despite the bad times it has gone through, the club has maintained its integrity. The club, founded by Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly in 1999, offers three rooms with separate sound systems. Two rooms have live-act stages. Room one has a vibrating floor, referred to as “bodysonic” dancefloor.

The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham
The Rainbow Venues

#3: The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham

This nightclub has been in the clubbing scene at Birmingham for a few years now. It consistently hosts sell-out shows, follows a forward-thinking and varied music policy, and more than anything else nurtures homegrown talent. The club has a number of rooms and each one sports a different vibe. One of them, The Cellar, has a low ceiling, amazing lighting and great sound system. Another one, The Warehouse, is a large room without any frills.

West Indian Centre in Leeds
West Indian Centre

#4: West Indian Centre in Leeds

During the day, the West Indian Center, established in 1979, works as a community hub and serves the residents of Chapeltown. At night, it turns into a fascinating nightclub. The major draw of the club is Subdub, which is run by Simon Scott. It has been on for seventeen years now, offering the best in reggae, dub, drum’n’bass to a crowd spanning all ages. While Exodus caters to the dubstep-orientated audience, the second room (capacity: 350) caters to the best of drum’n’bass, dubstep and jungle.

The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar in Bristol
The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar

#5: The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar in Bristol

Those looking for a different nightlife experience in Bristol should head towards the Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar. The Pub and Bar are housed in different buildings and are separated by Shisha bar courtyard and they bring in a festival vibe during weekends. Though it offers more of eclectic or roots oriented music, it does showcase different homegrown talents. The attractions are the sound system and low door prices.

Concorde 2 in Brighton
Concorde 2

#6: Concorde 2 in Brighton

Concorde2 is the multi-award winning venue for live music in Brighton. It is also one of the leading nightclubs in the UK. It boasts of state-of-the-art L-Acoustics and lighting systems. The Victorian building that houses Concorde2 can accommodate 600 people. It offers an intimate vibe of its own. Every week, they offer the best in drum’n’bass to glitch-hop.

Dalston Superstore

#7: Dalston Superstore in London

Dalston Superstore, a Brooklyn-style space founded by Dan Beaumont and Mickey, operates on the ground floor. It offers great cocktails and DJs from across the city. The club hosts art exhibitions and is always really upbeat. The major draw of Dalton Superstore is the neighborhood feel it provides. The club offers anything from drag shows to DJ evenings of all levels. This is the place to go for those who want to lose control.

Camp and Furnace in Liverpool HAUS
Camp and Furnace

#8: Camp and Furnace in Liverpool HAUS

Camp and Furnace is a dark and dingy space made out of solid concrete to give a warehouse feel. The lighting is sparse, but there are several visuals. What makes this nightclub stand out is its wild décor. The weighty Funktion-One sound system is amazing. The main club night Waxxx runs every month and features stellar DJs, props and art installations. The venue is not publicized much. You may have to hunt it out.

The Night Kitchen in Sheffield
The Night Kitchen

#9: The Night Kitchen in Sheffield

It is the queues outside the warehouse like building that attracts attention. The nightclub, which used to be a cutlery factory before, offers dark warehouse-party ambience with passageways, shadowy corners, wooden sculptures and unusual artwork. This space is for those who want to just enjoy music without any kind of light and stage shows.

Soup Kitchen in Manchester
Soup Kitchen

#10: Soup Kitchen in Manchester

The Soup Kitchen in Manchester offers a friendly ambience and great sound experience. Housed in what used to be a boxing gym, it has got two floors. In the room upstairs that houses the bar and canteen, the resident DJ performs as people eat their food. The club and gig venue is the room in the basement. The night club reflects an intimate vibe with focus on music.